Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I don't really know if I have much to say.  I just woke up, so I'm still in a pretty foul mood.

I had more strange dreams last night.  Too fragmented to even describe though, but I still have the overall feeling.  It's becoming a recurring thing. the nocturnal drama.  I think it's all tied to my recent realization that life is flying by.  So I'm panicking.  Questioning everything and everyone, most of all myself.

I think most of my friends are going through similar processes.  Maybe it's normal, and our parents went through it too, but just did not talk about it.  I just hope this phase passes soon.

In other news, I went through an entire day without calling and bugging my sister about the baby.  I'm sure she is relieved.

It was a pretty good day of college football yesterday.  I began with watching Clemson get beat, and that is ALWAYS a pleasure.  I watched another ACC stinker, N.C. State and Va. Tech.  I cannot make this a habit, as the Atlantic Coast Conference is a bad joke.  But the Gamecocks had the day off, so my choices were limited.

Also watched Bama beat up on Florida.  Never thought I'd feel sorry for the Gators, but Bama must be stopped.  And how about that LSU and UT game?  Poor little Vols.  Luck used to always go their way, now I think its Les Miles who has four-leaf clovers shooting out of his ass.

I closed the night out with episodes of "Jerseylicious" and "Jersey Shore".  I know, that's probably what gave me bad dreams.  If you haven't caught "Jerseylicious", it's actually the better of the two.  At least they have careers to go along with all of their drama.

On "Jersey Shore", it was fun to see Angelina fighting for women's rights and talking about man-grenades. I've become minorly obsessed with the term "grenade" since I heard The Situation say "We got Grenades!" in describing the "ladies" they'd picked up in the club. Unfortunately, when something like that gets in my head, I repeat it over and over like an autistic parrot, using it to mock everyone I see. That just happened to coincide with my recent trip to NYC, and I had to keep reminding myself that that is definitely not the type of catch-phrase I want to be heard muttering in airports and major tourist attractions.

"The Amazing Race" and "Dexter" come on tonight, so it's back to some quality enetertainment.

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