Saturday, June 15, 2013


Saturday, and time for a haircut.  Other than that, I'm finding it hard to get motivated.

Distracted by thoughts of moving to tropical locations...

Going to "Shagging on the Cooper" tonight with mates.  No, that is not the British version of shag.  I'm referring to the state dance of South Carolina.

Should still be fun though : )

What a dull week though.  Seriously.  I need to get more creative re:life instead of bitching about nothing being on television.  At least Wimbledon starts soon.  And "Dexter."

And finally, congrats to the Gamecock baseball team for another great season!  Unfortunately they fell a little short this year, ending their season to North Carolina in the Super Regional (3 games).  But still, what a great rebuilding year.  Now I guess I have to pull for my friend Carolyn's L.S.U. Tigers in the College World Series...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New York City

My birthday celebration in New York City was a blast!

Unfortunately, it's taken me nearly a week to recover.  So much activity packed into so little time = a very tired 40 year old.

I saw some awesome shows.  Bette Midler was fantastic in her one-woman play, as was Alan Cumming in "Macbeth."  How either of them can remember so much dialog is beyond my comprehension as  I can barely remember my home address.  They were both robbed of Tony nominations.  I'm just saying...

Speaking of Tony, I also saw the Tony award-winning musical "Once" for the second time.  I was a bit apprehensive as some of the original cast had departed, but that turned out to be totally unmerited.  The show is as awesome as always, and I plan on seeing it again when I am up there for Labor Day.

Sunday night I went to the Mets-Braves game at Citi Field.  That brought back really good memories of going to Turner Field when I lived in Atlanta, one of my favorites days out.  Unfortunately, the weather in NYC for most of the weekend was a little chillier than a Hotlanta summer, so I spent most of the time in jeans in sweatshirts.  Thus I only made it to the 5th inning in my wind-whipped nose-bleed seats.

The Monday I departed finally brought in some warm weather and I was finally able to make my first trip down to Coney Island.  Once was more than enough.  I'm sure Coney Island would have been enjoyable about 30 years ago, but some things are better left to my imagination.  It's similar to Myrtle Beach, except with more Snookis and Situations running around.