Monday, October 25, 2010


On last night's "Amazing Race", a vegetarian contestant was forced to eat meat for the first time in over twenty years.  The meat in question was a sheep's head, and the dish was supposedly part of Norwegan Christmas tradition.  Although she accomploshed the task without vomiting, it did not make a strong case for a holiday visit to Norway.  I'm an avid meat-eater, but this made me throw up in my mouth just a bit.

As usual, CBS was running behind, so I had to switch channels without knowing who was eliminated.  A new episode of "Dexter" seemed more gripping than sheep's head.

Lumen's introduction into Dexter's life continued to present problems.  Obsessed with getting revenge on her gang-rapists, she enlisted Dexter's assistance in offing a troll living under the Miami bridge called home by the city's sex offenders.  Fortunately for the sex offender in question, Dexter realized (just in the nick of time, no pun intended) that he had the wrong guy.  He later saved the man's life a second time, this time stopping Lumen before she re-enacted the Legend of Billie Jean.  Fair is fair.

Tensions continued to mount between LaGuerta and Batista, as he obsessed over hearing that that his wife is known for giving the best blow-jobs in South Florida.  I still sense some domestic violence in the future.

Quinn is still hot on the tail of Deb, and hot on the trail of Dexter.  The end of the episode saw him enlisting the aid of a dirty cop to help him get the goods on Dexter.  Me thinks he's fucking with the wrong guy.  Buh-bye, fucktard.

As for Deb's investigation of the Santa Muerta killer, that particular story arc introduced us to a particularly gruesome crime scene with two maggot-infested victims.  Between that and the "Amazing Race" sheep head, I have not had much of an appetite today.

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