Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flipping Out

Last night's "Flipping Out" was like a trip down memory lane.

All of the major excitement surrounded Trace, the newly graduated intern, who got bitchslapped by Chuck, a client.  It was quite shocking.

I have personal experience with being assaulted by drunk clients.  Picture it.  Jacksonville 2004.  Lush project manager picks up consultant from airport and refuses to go straight to the hotel, instead stopping by the local margarita/beer hangout where a group of bank employees are drinking.  I should have seen the writing on the wall.

The sad part is, I was not even drinking that night, but out of nowhere, this bald-headed mongrel named Gary decides to take the cigarette out of the my Project Manager's mouth---and put it out on my hand.

WTF-why MY hand?

So I can sympathize with Trace.  the odd part is, I reacted in the EXACT same way.  One would think the appropriate response would be a beer bottle upside the head.  Instead, I was so frozen with shock and disbelief over the inappropriateness of the event, that I just carried on like nothing happened.

I still have a tiny scar.  But at least the douchebag ended up getting fired.  That's what you get when you mess with Kevin, dipshit.

So the moral of the story is (to Trace any any other youngsters out there)---no good can come from going out drinking with clients. 

And a beer bottle to the head IS a totally acceptable reaction.

P.S.-Shame out you Jeff Lewis for not firing the client, you big pussy.  Money is not more important than taking up for your employees.  I hope they sue your cheap ass for hostile workplace.

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