Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Things were a little ho-hum in Atlanta last night, with an emphasis on the Ho.

Sheree went on a blind date.  Why anyone would ever want to risk going out with that jackal is beyond me.  Clearly, nothing would ever be good enough, from choice of venue to the offered flowers.  No wonder her husband divorced her.

We were finally introduced to Cynthia, the newest housewife.  She is/was a supermodel who has never been married.  If the fact that her S.O. is trying to put a ring on her finger turns out to be her major storyline, then she's going to bore me to tears.

As usual, all attention was centered on NeNe.  Her son Brice decided he wants to move back home, but NeNe had to put him through the wringer first.  They decided on a 90 day period, during which he could get a job, save some money, and then be out for good on day 91.  That hardly seems worth the moving boxes and tape if you ask me.

Kandi performed a mini-concert at Cynthia and partner's ?club?restaurant?.  Of course NeNe used that as the stage to have a confrontation with Dwight.

Cause girl STILL wanted some answers.

Ok, here's the deal.  I lived in Atlanta.  The city is huge, and there are plenty of things going on.  Why must these people show up at the same events if they know there will be drama.  Bravo TV and Andy Cohen, that's why!

In the end, both parties actually remained calm for a change, talked like human beings, and hugged it out.  It was truly a Hallmark moment.

Oh, and Kim's wig was a hot mess.  Can't wait for next week's episode, when she performs "Tardy For the Party" in a tutu.  She honestly believes all of her hype.

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