Monday, August 26, 2013

In the Clouds

I'm in the middle of a busy stretch....

I just returned last night from a quick weekend trip to see family in Garden City, SC.  I think I've finally learned my lesson regarding 6 am Saturday morning flights.  No sooner had I recovered than it was time to return home yesterday.  But it was good seeing my sister and niece.

Today I'm off to Nashville for a few days of work.  This was an unplanned trip, so I'm still smarting about having to go back to the airport soon.  I'll be home Friday morning.  I would have flown out Thursday night, but that's the first South Carolina football game.  More on that later this week.

All of this is just filler until this weekend.  I'm off the NYC for the U.S. Open.  Yay!!!!  My annual pilgrimage to Flushing Meadows.  I'm trying to contain my excitement but I think this is the weekend I look forward to most each year.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Halloween Costume

To the reader inquiring about my Halloween costume, sorry about the delayed response. I'm unable to respond directly to comments via BlogSpot, so please include your contact details in any messages.
It's actually the costume from "Batman & Robin" television series, but it was similar enough.  I just covered up the Letter R with an E for Eminem.  And bleached my hair blonde.  Everyone loved it.