Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

I know I'm going to shock everyone and risk shattering my grumpy image, but WOW what a beautiful day!

Sunny with a high of 83 degrees.  Took a nice walk on Sullivan's Island.  Traffic was a bit of a mess because of Taste of Charleston at Boone Hall Plantation, but I managed to make it home in one piece.  The Beach Boys concert at the new hospital did not help matters---I avoided Highway 17 completely.

I wish I could say I was more productive today, but the relaxation was good enough.  I did manage to conquer my inner packrat and shred some expense reports taking up space since 2004.  I really have to stop saving so much crap.

Ooh, the Gamecocks managed to crack the Top 10.  That's probably why I'm in such a good mood, still on a high from last night's football games.

Never fear, Monday is just hours away, and I'm sure my mood will darken...

Almost forgot about "Dexter" tonight.  If that doesn't shatter this Pollyanna mood, nothing will.

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