Friday, October 8, 2010


Hot damn!  Survived another grueling work week and made it to another Friday.  This week was especially gruesome as there is currently a lot of internal team drama on the project to which I'm assigned.  Luckily the conflict is between two other people, so I'm just on the outside looking in.  Still, it's mentally taxing.

What happened to the days when everyone just pitched in and worked together to get everything done?  It's just ridiculous how much more energy it takes to fight each other than to just buckle down and knock things out.  Sharon and I were talking today about "the good old days" at SunTrust. 

Even though hindsight is 20/20, and that was 10 years ago, it still seems that the corporate landscape and mentality has changed so much in that period of time.  I'm finally at that place where I compare everything to how it used to be, and the current state of the world always comes out smelling like shit.  Joy.

I have officially become corporate roadkill AND an old fart.  I suppose that's better than being an old shart.

Good luck to the Gamecocks tomorrow versus #1 ranked Alabama.  ESPN Gameday will be in Columbia and broadcasting from the Horseshoe.  Let's see how long it takes Chris Fowler to take a dig at South Carolina (rednecks, trailer parks, so many options...). 

That's OK.  I have a blog now, Chris, so my wrath will be fierce...

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