Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fun

Yet another week winding down in dramatic fashion...
  • It was great fun watching all the TV show hosts dressed up in their Halloween outfits today.  The best dressed award goes to Kelly Ripa as Snooki.  Worst effort goes to Tyra, who attempted Whoopi Goldberg.  Since when is Whoopi a costume?  Honorable mention is Joy Behar as Little Orphan Annie, although it wasn't much of a stretch (physically).
  • I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing Al Roker (Superman) in tights. 
  • What a dramatic day at work.  TGIF.
  • Election day is quickly approaching.  Does that mean Sarah Palin will disappear for a year?
  • Busy day tomorrow.  Must buy Halloween treats for the little monsters.  And must not devour them all prior to Halloween.
  • Good luck to South Carolina tomorrow as they take on Tennessee.
  • And finally, the tennis world says good riddance to Elena Dementieva, who retired today following her loss in the year-end championships.  Elena was extremely mean to me during my first year of volunteering at the Family Circle Cup.  She sort of made up for it the following year, but I still carry a grudge.  Pinko Commie Bitch.

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