Monday, October 18, 2010


What a juicy episode of "Dexter"!  Things are definitely starting to heat up.

The latest episode was about trust.  Dexter is either in the process of building it, maintaining it, or losing it.

He definitely lost the trust of creepy Irish nanny.  But that is to be expected when you never come home to relieve her.  Round the clock service was apparently not in the job position.  After temporarily quitting the position, she decided that Dexter begging and Harrison laughing at someone off-camera provided an irresistible combination.  So she's taking a leap of faith and giving Dexter one more chance.  I doubt that lasts too long, as it looks like Dexter spends another late night out in the swamp.

Quinn is still hell-bent on proving that Dexter is Kyle Butler, and tracked down Trinity's family in witness protection.  After confronting Jonah in a Kangaroo station, he was busted just before getting positive identification.  For his efforts, LaGuerta suspended him.  I almost feel sorry for the guy, I mean, he is right after all.

Deb's attempt to track down the Santa Muerta killer(s), resulted in a botched raid in which a hostage had his throat slit with a machete and the bad guy got away.  I'm glad my job isn't so dramatic.  Unfortunately, this sent her reeling straight into Quinn's bed again.  Yuck.

And saving the best for last, Lumen, the new character played by Julia Stiles, finally regained consciousness and attempted numerous escapes, but was recaptured by Dexter each time.  It was like watching Road Runner and Coyote.

Apparently Boyd, the creepy road-kill sanitation man, and Dexter's victim last week, was not the only person responsible for her rape/captivity/torture.  So while Dexter can rest easy that the sole witness to his latest crime is not going to narc him out, it looks like he's going to have a little vigilante to deal with.  She should ask Miguel Prado how that worked out. 

At least this temporarily solves the babysitting problem if creepy Irish nanny decides to finally wash her hands of the whole situation.

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