Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm still not really feeling it for "Dexter", but last night's episode showed a little more promise.  Julia Stiles's character was finally introduced.  It looks like she was an almost-victim of Dexter's latest victim.  She witnessed Dexter offing her captor, so let's see how he gets out of that pickle.

Harrison's new Irish nanny kind of gives me the creeps.  I wonder what her secret is?

LaGuerta and Angel, can you please stop throwing around the random Spanish words?  We get it.  You're in Miami.  You're Latino/Latina.  You're about diez palabras from making each episode require Level 1 Rosetta Stone.

Quinn is still creepy, and I'm beginning to think manorexic.  Who is skinner, him or Debra?  The two of them screwing is like rubbing two sticks together, and they seriously run the risk of starting a fire.

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