Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to the Housewives

Today began with a rather rude realization.  The cast of "Back to the Future" reunited on the "Today" show this morning.  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film.  WTF?  Has it really been that long?

To add to the insult, the original "Halloween" was on TV last night.  Although nearly as old as moi, that film still creates a fierce fright.  I remember hearing that the little girl Jamie Lee Curtis was babysitting in the movie is Kyle from the new "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".  My, how quickly they grow up.  At least I'm younger than her.

Speaking of housewives, last night's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" was pretty entertaining.  NeNe decided to get plastic surgery---on her nose, pooch, and "titties".  Love hearing her say the word "titties" in her ghetto-fabulous Southern drawl!  I thought it pretty ironic that she had all of her work done by Dr. Whiteman.  I'm just saying.

Bless her heart, the really great footage was from her rambling high as a kite as a result of anesthesia and post-op drugs.  I sympathize with her, as many embarrassing phone calls and voice mails have originated from my Ambien-induced stupors.

In other parts of the ATL, Sheree is still a heartless shrew who thinks she's above everyone.  Phaedra had her Southern-themed baby shower, complete with ballerinas and a waltzing Dwight.  I cannot explain it any better than that.  Wouldn't it have been funny if NeNe's surgery resulted in her having Dwight's Michael Jackson-esque nose?

And last, but not slut, I mean least, is Kim, who is planning for her sophomore single.  A classic like "Tardy For the Party" will be hard to top, but I'm sure Kandi can come up with something.

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