Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday. Again!

I LOVE Fridays. Much better than Christmas because they come once a week!  It's suddenly chilly outside, but it's a good reminder that we're knee deep in the middle of football season.  This should be another good weekend.  Good luck, Gamecocks!  No letdown against Kentucky, please.

First of all, I'd like to wish my friend Tonya luck on her interview this morning.  She's also dealing with the sudden illness of her mom and the family circus that has followed.  How she can maintain a thought process is beyond me, but I admire her strength and focus.

Now for more trivial observations...

The Douche of the Day Award goes to Bill O'Reilley.  As for Joy and Whoopi, good for you two!  I would have punched him.  And Barbara---just be quiet and stay out of it.  Your opinion became irrelevant when you did your last Oscar special.  Actually, it was when when you stopped doing the "Today" show, but not many people remember that, and I don't want to date myself.

For those of you who thought it was not possible, I AM capable of turning down a good reality show.  I did NOT watch the premiere episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" last night.  Yes, even I have my limits.  This surely will strike a serious blow to Andy Cohen and his evil Bravo TV empire.

And one final small confession for the morning---I caught a few minutes of the TLC show "Sister Wives" a few nights ago.  I don't get it.  Did this guy really think that he could be polygamous AND have a reality show AND not have bigamy charges filed against him?  Being on Oprah yesterday certainly didn't help keep things on the DL.

He's really creepy, this guy.  How did he get four chicks?  He doesn't look like that much of a stud, even in his high school prom pictures.  This is definitely not the warm and fuzzy polygamy portrayed on HBO's "Big Love". 

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