Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Night Tele

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The good news is that there was plenty of choice regarding television entertainment last night.

The bad news is that I'm finding it less and less interesting.

I think my love affair with "The Amazing Race" might be nearing an end.  I know it's only the second episode, and that personalities and storylines are just developing, but I just cannot seem to get excited.  How many times can I watch Americans act ignorant in devloping nations?  It all just seems too deja vu.

The only teams that stand out so far are the Home Shopping hostesses, who think they can kiss their way around the world (you'll get a cold sore), and the adopted mother/daughter team.  And while the whole we-found-each-other-after-all-these-years routine is nice, it does not merit sympathy past Episode 1.  So enough already.  Race.

"Dexter" is still building.  You can sense that next week is going to be a breakthrough week and that things will be back to "normal".  Something is up with LaGuerta.  Fishy money.  I wonder if she's going to be offed this season?

Finally, my night was salvaged with the new episode of "Jerseylicious".  The show revolved around fake boobs.  Olivia's best friend just had hers done, but declared that they did not hurt her back because they were just bags full of salt water.  Like going down to the ocean and filling up bags, but more sanitary.  Olivia then proceeded to put her ear to her chest to try and hear the ocean, as one would with a seashell. 

The other big drama at the Gatsby Salon was the introduction of a dress code.  Alexa the Glam Fairy declared herself the Norma Rae for fashion rights and had it out with owner Gayle.  Her Ellie Mae outfit was hilarious.  How this chick can call herself the Glam Fairy with a straight face is beyond me.  In the end, world peace was achieved when they all compromised and chose to wear black.  Someone send these top-notch negotiators to the Middle East.

Tonight is the season premiere of the Atlanta Housewives.  I'm not sure if I'm ready...

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