Friday, November 26, 2010

Video of the Day

It's seems that 3 am is the witching hour for me lately.  Between Baby Jay-Z and daily work stress, night after night, I tend to wake up right about this time.

Last night in my sleep-deprived stupor while feeding the baby, I was reminded of a much simpler time when 3 am had a more fun-filled meaning.  3 am eternal to be exact.

Those of you still around from the 90's will be familiar with the club phenom known as The KLF.  And those who frequented the Matrix in Columbia would have witnessed me rocking that mother out to their various tunes of the time.  Yes, that was me dancing on the speakers with Allison, Les, Laura, Tonya, and Eric.  Dressed to kill in unfortunate ensembles such as white biker shorts paired with Orange OP booty shorts.

Picking one KLF song is more difficult than Sophie's Choice, so I've chosen 3 for your listening pleasure.

"3 AM Eternal" got me started on this tangent.  "Last Train to Trancentral" was my favorite ass-shaking groove.  And finally, who didn't love "Justified and Ancient" with Tammy Wynette?   Enjoy...

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