Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

While I might not always completely agree with the politics or cause, I'm thankful for the sacrifice of those who serve.  At least we can all be united in that.  Happy Veterans Day!

In less serious business (my specialty), it's Friday Eve and I couldn't be more excited---unless it were Christmas of course.  As usual my mind is focused on food, and on beginning the weekend with a good binge.  Decision, decisions.  Fire up the fryer, Sally and Danielle!

So for my thoughts of the day:

  • I'm happy to hear about the cruise passengers finally making it safely back to shore.  As recounted in my last post, been there, done that, so I've enjoyed commiserating with some of the stories.  At the same time, I just keep thinking that, at the end of the day, everyone should be thankful that no one was harmed.  I mean honestly, there have been maritime disasters in which the victims would have gladly traded air-conditioning in exchange for spared lives.  Perspective. Don't make me post Celine Dion as my Video of the Day
  • I watched the second episode of "The Walking Dead" last night.  I cannot stress enough how EXCELLENT this show is.  There are only 6 episodes in the season, but I hear they've already renewed it for a second.  What does it say about me that my current favorite shows are about zombies and serial killers (Dexter).  I'm normal, honest.  They're just so unexpectedly gripping. 
  • 7 hours of conference calls today.  Approaching a record.
  • Today I had a talk with a friend who has found a lot of happiness recently.  Which makes even a grinch like me smile inside.  Sometimes it just makes you feel so good to share and be a part of the joy others are experiencing.  I guess that's what friendship is about.  Ugh, I sound like a greeting card.

On that note, I'll sign off before I ruin my snarky image.

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