Friday, November 12, 2010

Another week down...

Hell's Bells.  I made it through another work week.  A few more grey hairs, but no major injuries.  I plan to totally relax this weekend--it's off to Charlotte Monday morning for an entire week of banking fun.  It will be my longest business trip in quite a while.

Unfortunately, I have to get myself going pretty early tomorrow morning for Round 2 of car service.  Damned Honda.  But after that, it's back home for a nice relaxing day of football.

The South Carolina-Florida game is getting a lot of attention locally.  You'd think they were playing for the national championship instead of a spot in the SEC Championship game.   I'm keeping my mouth shut for fear of jinxing the Gamecocks. Can't lick out cocks.

I just read that Imperial Queen Bitch of the Universe Sarah Palin is planning a visit to Columbia to promote her upcoming book.  Is it possible for me to get a restraining order that prevents her from coming within a 150 mile radius of me or my home?

Her little no-talent tramp daughter, Bristol, is reportedly still in the running on "Dancing With the Stars".  Not that I watch or anything, but always looking for a good opportunity to dog the Palins.

It's only 7:13, but I've already had my weekly dose of Long Point Grill.   I could go to sleep right now...but won't.

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