Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

I hope no one is overly tired on this Tuesday evening because I'm about to put you to sleep.

I have absolutely nothing of interest to report.  No witty observations regarding the world, real or televised.

I fell asleep so early last night after chatting with Tonya, I completely missed my Housewife repeat.  I feel so out of touch with NeNe.  And I had to hear second-hand that Kim Is preggers with one of the Atlanta Falcon football player's bastard child.  Bless her heart.

Today was another trying day at work.  It was pretty dreary.  I think cold weather is on the way, so bye bye 70 degree days.  I think winter may finally set in.

On the bright side, tomorrow is Hump Day.  If I can only make it past my tortuous mid-morning conference call...

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