Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump Day

Greetings from the friendliest city in the universe!  Or something like that.

And Happy Wednesday!  As expected, it was pretty grueling, but there's still the satisfaction of knowing that it's all downhill from here.

Things could definitely be worse---I could be stuck on a cruiseship floating in the middle of the ocean without air conditioning.  Oh wait, been there done that, on the Norwegian Majesty a few Christmases ago.  Luckily, that leaky old tugboat lost power just off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale on the return trip back to Charleston, so the overall vacation was spared.

The folks on the Carnival ship currently drifting off the coast of Baja California aren't so lucky.  Their ship lost power just a couple of days into their cruise, and unlike my trip, they are unable to return to port on under their own power.  The conditions cannot be spectacular, but honestly, I'm thinking I might not mind sleeping out on deck about now.  As for the lack of hot food, binge-eating on cruises is not healthy anyway, so the fat-ass rednecks could probably do with skipping a meal or two.  (I speak from experience).

From what I hear, Carnival is handling the situation spectacularly.  Full refunds and a free future cruise.  All Norwegian offered was 20 percent off of a future cruise.  As if, bastards.  Boycotted them ever since.

In other random news, George W. Bush and Kanye West made up on the "Today" show this morning.  Who cares!!!  W. is becoming about as unwelcome as a coldsore (or Sarah Palin).  Go away already!!!  I had to listen to you for 8 years.  Sorry to alienate by Republican audience so soon after my post-election Sarah Palin tirade, but I've never been one to self-censor for approval.  Will compromise and continue avoiding the c-word.

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