Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday in N.C.

Greetings from Charlotte, the Queen City of the South, where I will be spending the next 5 days of my life.  I got an early start this morning, so I arrived in the office a little after noon. 

En route, I had the pleasure of dining at the Chick-fil-a in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  The manager was going on and on about Saturday's South Carolina-Florida game, and how we should have a really good chance of beating Auburn if we can just manage to inflict a slight concussion on their quarterback.  Classy!  I'd hate to see what he does to fussy customers.

I'm in my hotel room now.  I just finished the ironing, and am trying to stay awake for a few more hours before crashing.  Of course I'm ass-tired because there was entirely too much quality television on last night.

"Dexter" is becoming quite juicy.  Cole was the latest victim of Dexter and Lumen's twisted vengeance.  I honestly thought the two of them were going to have sex after plunging a knife into the fella.  Which would have been gross.  But there if definitely mounting chemistry between the two.  Will the writers allow Dexter to find true happiness or companionship?  I doubt it, but it certainly takes away from the whole Trinity-just-slaughtered-my-wife pity party.

The aftermath of last week's club shooting resulting in Debra being thrown under the bus by LaGuerta.  Batista is saying he will back Deb and help set the record straight, going against his wife.  That probably will not go over very well at home, but the bitch has it coming.  Gauntlets have been thrown.

My newest favorite show, "The Walking Dead", did not disappoint either.  The group from downtown Atlanta safely made it back to the other camp.  Whew!  I was worried.

Deputy Rick was reunited with his cheating wife and their son, who were part of the Stone Mountain survivor group.  What a coincidence it all turned out to be, but I'm letting that slide.  Unfortunately the reunion was short-lived, because Rick decided that the drug-addicted racist they left handcuffed to the top of a building needed to be rescued.  Screw that.   They also wanted to get the firearm stash Rick dropped when zombies attacked his horse back in Episode 1, so I suppose the return trip really was warranted.

It know, it all sounds so ridiculous, but it plays out better on the small screen.  My narrative does not do it justice.  This really is the best show on TV, and the thought of only 3 more new episodes is already depressing me.

I should go back to watching trashy housewives on Bravo.  I don't get nearly as emotionally attached to them.  Sorry, NeNe.

I hope Sarah Palin's reality show, which premiered last night on TLC, was a flopp.  I'm encouraged by the news that 52 percent of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of her according to a recent Gallup poll.  There is hope afterall.

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