Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm already getting depressed that the season finale of "Dexter" is quickly approaching.  It just keeps getting better and better.

In all of my years of watching this show, this is the first time that I'm really seeing Dexter as a human being.  Still a serial killer, but still human.  Even his courtship and marriage to Rita didn't come close to what's currently going on between him and Lumen.  The schoolboy look on his face every time he's around her is priceless.

So the dynamic duo finally tracked down the remaining bad guy last night and Lumen did the deed by offing him.  Apparently that was a big turn-on for both of them, because they ended up sleeping together.  Different strokes for different folks, as numerous relatives of mine would say.  Now they only have Jordan Chase to take care of.

Nancy Drew, I mean Deb, is piecing together that a former victim turned-vigilante is now offing the victims.  I'm very interested to see how Dexter and Lumen avoid being discovered.  My instinct tells me that Lumen can't stay around for long though.  And I'm really starting to like her.

My favorite serial killer show was followed by another excellent episode of my favorite new zombie show.  Next week is the finale, so I'll have to do without at least until next summer.

The latest episode dealt with the bloodbath aftermath and the group leaving camp.  One of the guys was bitten by a zombie, so they're taking him to the CDC.  Seems like a logical move since they're in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, he wasn't taking the ride very well, so he requested to be dumped off along the road.

When they finally reached the CDC, it appeared that there was a lone survivor holed up inside.  The ending saw him opening up the doors to let the group in just in time to avoid zombie attack.  Nice move.

So that's it as far a TV goes.  Just another manic Monday.  I'm still working technically, but just thought I'd take a break to update my blog and count down the days until the cruise.  Because I'm dedicated like that.

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