Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Has everyone gone out and bought George W. Bush's book that was released today?

I didn't think so.

Unfortunately, that's been the most exciting thing going on this Tuesday.  Why are Tuesdays so dreadful lately?  On one hand, they have a little less of the dread offered by Monday.  But then they have none of the mental benefits of knowing that it is Hump Day, or the winding down of the week.

Tuesday just lacks character.

Big conference call with the groups from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil tomorrow.  I still think work should ante up the money to send me down there for a few weeks.  That would surely beat some of the business trips I've been sent out on.  Cities to remain nameless to protect the less fortunate.

Congrats to an anonymous (for now) friend who just took a huge professional leap today.  You heard it here first.

I'm sorry for such a boring post today---I aspire to be more interesting tomorrow.  Maybe I'll have some cracked-out dreams tonight.  Until then, have a good night...

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