Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock the Vote!

I hope everyone exercised their RIGHT to vote today.  Now for the results to start rolling in.

Don't forget---if you somehow missed your chance, or are ineligible to vote in this country, there's still time to vote in my poll located to the right.  Your opinion counts.

Speaking of voting being a right and a privilege, I'm reminded of my time in Australia, and how voting there is compulsory.  They find it absurd that U.S. citizens would NOT vote.  Of course, that's an easy opinion to hold when your local officials would fine or imprison you for non-participation.  I still do not know what my opinion is regarding that policy.  I do think people should exercise their right (or shut the fuck up), but at the same time, it is a choice.  It's just a shame when that choice made due to laziness, and not out of conscious civic-mindedness, protest, or similar.

Readers from around the world, I'm interested to know your thoughts and opinions on this.

The Housewives were a Hotlanta mess last night.  NeNe and her Titties are still recovering from her surgery.  Last night, they went bra shopping.  I could have gone months without seeing that much NeNe.

Speaking of TMI, there was a whole lot of frank sex talk last night, most of it instigated by my favorite, Kandi.  Apparently, celibacy makes you want to about sex all the more.  Honestly though, the talk of vaginal insertion of sugar was a bit much.  Sounds sticky, and not sympathetic to the diabetic diet.

The only other interesting moment came when Kim took her youngest daughter furniture shopping.  In an attempt to determine what might best suit the daughter's decor (via hobbies, interests, etc), the sales clerk asked her what she likes.  The reply?  Fried chicken. 

Bless her heart.

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