Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to 2011.

I wish I could say that I brought the New Year in with a bang, but it was really a rather low-key affair.  Just how I like it.

After watching South Carolina get knocked off by the Florida State Semen-Holes, I tuned into Andy Cohen's NYE celebration on Bravo.

Andy, can I PLEASE get an invite for next year's party (or my own reality show)?  It was quite entertaining.  The highlight had to be the impromptu wedding of Giggy Vanderpump and Grandma Wrinkles.  I don't think I'll explain any further, it's worth searching the web for pictures of the bride and groom.

Today was a beautiful start to the year.  It's finally warm again, probably in the mid-60's.  I hope it remains this way until spring.

Continuing with my Oscar countdown, I saw "The King's Speech" today.  It was much better than that Swan movie, and Colin Firth is most definitely Oscar-worthy.  I'm not quite sure what the next movie on my list should be, but I've definitely reached my limit for the weekend.

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