Monday, January 31, 2011


It's Monday again.  Just like clockwork, ruined a perfectly good weekend.

The weekend was pretty awesome here, nice and warm, but I don't think it's going to last very long.  Fortunately, that cute little groundhog is scheduled to make his appearance this week.

"Jerseylicious" ended its season last night.  Don't laugh, but our favorite stylists were all competing in-wait for it-New Jersey Fashion Week.  In the end, the team from the Gatsby won best hair and makeup.  It had to have been rigged, Olivia and Anthony rocked it out.

Like I know anything about hair and makeup.  I just wish someone would show me how to conceal these purple bags under my eyes.

Tracy got a new boyfriend.  Sweet, but already displaying signs of control-freakage.

My Atlanta Housewives also had their last episode.  In the end, Cynthia walked down the aisle, or more specifically, the stairs at the Fernbank.  The reunion show should provide lots of good drama.

Tomorrow is February first.  Don't forget to say "rabbit" for good luck.  I really think I need to think about planning some vacation.

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