Wednesday, January 19, 2011

G'day 3

Hmmm.  Not a very interesting day at the Australian Open.  It took Dodgy Rodgy 5 sets to win, but he managed to escape Gilles Simon.  Dammit.

I continue to be hooked on "V", and I'm not talking about vampire blood for all of of the "True Blood" fans.  I'm actually referring to the lizard-fest remake airing on ABC.  I still cannot believe I almost let this one slip through my fingers.

As it turns out, evil lizard queen Anna is trying to locate and destroy the human soul.  Bitch should try finding mine---that's a mission that would take years.  The episode also featured the torture and skinning of a Visitor who had been posing as an F.B.I. agent.  Go figure.  As you can tell, I'm still sketchy on all of the character names.

It's officially hump day.  Even though it's a short holiday week, that's still a feat worth celebrating.

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