Saturday, January 29, 2011

G'day 13

As expected Kim Clijsters defeated Li Na, or Na Li, or whatever her name is, for the Australian Open title.  I'm glad this is winding down.  I've been less than enthusiastic about the tournament this year.

The Bryan brothers also won.  Just one more match to go, and I can say G'bye to Australia for another year.

I had a nice trip to Costco today.  I love that place, if only for the free samples.  I'm such a sample whore.  Meatballs, miniature pulled pork sandwiches, lobster spread on crackers.  It's like being at a cocktail party with a wide variety of amuse-bouches available.  Except this would be a really white-trash party with amuse-bouches from the frozen food section and heated in small toaster ovens.  But I'm easy to please.

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