Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

It's still a cold mess here in Charlotte.  The beautiful snow has begun to melt into a nasty slush, and has refrozen into ice.  It hasn't made for good driving conditions, so the office was even emptier today.

And that's the news for tonight.  I wish I had something more exciting to report.  I'm ready to go home and it's not even mid-week yet.  This is what I get for traveling on a Sunday.

In football news, Auburn won the national championship last night.  It doesn't take away the sting of getting beat by them twice this season, but the 5th championship in a row by a SEC team is certainly nice.  It speaks volumes to the level of competition year after year.

"V" comes on tonight.  I'm v.v. excited about that.  Ha.  It's pretty sad that my life is in a state such that the highlight of my day is similar to that which occurred when I was 12 years old.  At least I'm maintaining some level of consistency.

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