Tuesday, January 18, 2011

G'day 2

Wow, Day 2 of the Aussie Open and I'm already hooked.  My observations from today's matches:

  • I can't believe Safina got double-bageled by Kim Clijsters.  I know she's been down lately, but come on...
  • Vamos Rafa.  Nice practice session.
  • I've never been a Lleyton Hewitt fan, but that was quite a gutsy match against Nalbandian.  I think Hewitt is one of those players who I won't truly appreciate until after retirement.  I never liked Navratilova or Graf until after-the-fact either, but now I appreciate everything they did for the game.  And Martina is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met.  So good job Lleyton, sorry I cheered against you all these years.  I think I really just hated your haircut.  And the excessive "C'mon's" constantly spewing out of your mouth.
"Jersey Shore" was equally entertaining last night.  Poor Snooki.  I can't believe I like that little munchkin now, even if she is a total drunk.  Last night's episode ended with her dramatic beachfront arrest following a daytime boardwalk bender.

The other notable moment was JWoww taking a piss upstairs at the club.  Behind the bar.  Enough said.  In her defense, she did dilute it by spraying water on the floor.

I think I'll stick to watching tennis for the rest of the week.

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