Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grand Cayman

Today's port of call was Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  It happens to be one of my favorite ports.

We left late yesterday, and as a result, we arrived late today.  I'm sure it was because some passengers chose to arrive late back to the ship.  It happens every cruise, and I really wish they would make good on their threat to leave people.  Tardiness fucks it up for everyone.

So the shocking news is that I chose to go to the turtle farm for my excursion.  I happen to think sea turtles are pretty cool.  Because of the late arrival, the entire timing of the tours was mucked up.  After catching the tender to shore, we spent an hour huddled under a tent waiting for other passengers.

By the time the excursion got underway, I was hardly in the mood.  I was very underwhelmed by the turtle farm itself.  I don't understand how they can promote conservation, but still joke about having turtle on the menu.  And it hardly seems family appropriate to joke about the effects on male virility.  Not that I care much about being appropriate.

After taking the 30 minute tour of the farm, I couldn't bear the thought of spending another 2 hours at that place.  And I was not about to go swimming in the lagoon with the turtles.  Cute or not, turtles make poo, and that just does not sound very sanitary.  Instead, I successfully stowed away on another tour bus and made it back to the shopping district.

I did have quite a successful shopping trip.  I hit all of the stores that were offering free crap--sapphires, charms, opals, etc.  None of which I need, but I will proudly offer them to friends and family.  Not as Christmas gifts, but as extra souvenirs.

Tomorrow marks my first visit ever to Jamaica.  I'm very excited.  I definitely will need to remember the sunblock as I'm turning pinker by the day.  And having roasted skin is not something I normally aspired to.

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