Saturday, December 18, 2010


Greetings from somewhere south of Miami!

I made it safely to Titusville around 10 pm last night.  Home of Daniel Tosh, comic genius and star of "Tosh.0."  And a bigger asshole than me!

Finished the drive and made it to Miami before noon.  I'd forgotten what a shithole downtown Miami is.  Ugh.

As expected, the cream of the trailer park trash crop is on this cruise.  Maybe it's cheaper because it's the week before Christmas, and not the actual Christmas cruise.  Anywho, it's filled with the tired, the poor, and the hungry.  Well, actually they look like they've been eating pretty well.

I've already had one Rascal sighting.  In the ice cream line, no less.  Nothing sums up the state of our country like a lazy fat-ass riding their way to soft-serve.

The other highlight for the evening is the all-Asian Pink Floyd cover band currently playing on Deck 4.  They are actually pretty good.

So, the itinerary for the Carnival Liberty is as follows:

12/18/2010 Miami, Florida
12/20/2010 Cozumel, Mexico
12/21/2010 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
12/22/2010 Montego Bay, Jamaica
12/24/2010 Miami, Florida

I'll keep you all posted on the numerous misadventures I intend to have.

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