Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Breakfast

This is already turning out to be the best week ever!  The North Mt. Pleasant location of Chick-fil-a is offering free breakfast every day this week.  Each day features a different menu item, with chicken biscuits book-ending the week.

This is awesome.  My dilemma this morning was whether or not it was worth braving the sub-arctic temperatures.  Of course it was.

Last night's episode of "Dexter" was a real doozy.  Of course Dexter and Lumen ended up offing Jordan Chase, but the real excitement was that Deb came oh-so-close to catching the two of them cleaning up their cutlery.  The only thing that came between them and exposure was a sheet of plastic.  Fortunately, Deb's conscience kicked in and she decided to give the unknown (to her) perps a head start before she called in the crime scene.  This gave Dexter and Lumen just enough time to get away.

Quinn was also pinned with that shady cop's death, but he ended up getting off because Dexter deliberately botched the blood sample found on Quinn's shoe.  I guess that was his way of giving back since Deb graciously let him and Lumen escape.  Let's hope that decision doesn't come back to bite him in the ass.

The real downer of the evening came when Lumen dumped Dexter the morning after they got rid of Jordan Chase.  I'm so mad at her, that was quite a bitch move.  She just wasn't that into being a serial killing sidekick since all of her problems had been resolved.

So in the end, all of the happy couples, Deb and Quinn, LaGuerta and Batista, were reunited at Harrison's birthday party.  Everyone lives happily ever after except for Dexter.  At least now he can go back to being a total bad-ass without woman complications.

By the way, baby Harrison looked totally creepy in the final scene.  I hope they don't decide to do a flash-forward and begin next season with an older son being taught "the code" by Dad.

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