Monday, December 20, 2010


It was a great day in Cozumel!

Parasailing was good fun.  It wasn't my first time, so I wasn't nervous or anything.  However, it was my first time attempting to do so immediately after eating breakfast.  I'm normally not prone to motion sickness, but being hoisted in the air at 9am immediately after eating a full breakfast was tempting fate I suppose.

I managed NOT to feed to fish, but it took great concentration.

After getting back on land, I had a Diet Coke to settle my stomach and walked around the island a bit.  Then, like a siren calling out to a sailor, Fat Tuesday began calling.  I know, a daiquiri probably wasn't the best choice after feeling so sick, but it's vacation, and I intend to go out swinging.

The strawberry and banana combination was just what the doctor ordered.  It brought back great memories of all the Saturday and Sunday afternoons spent at the Buckhead Fat Tuesday in my early days in Atlanta.  Good times.

Last night's show was hideous.  It was rock and roll themed, from the 50's up to current hits.  The only parts that came close to being of interest to me were the Blondie and ABBA numbers, but they massacred those horrifically.

I'm not a huge fan of unnecessary singing and dancing in any circumstance, but I've seen far better shows on other ships.  I feel for these entertainers.  I wonder if they had big dreams of making a living on Broadway?  Instead they're forced to perform tired numbers night after night in bad wigs and costumes.  At least they get to travel a bit, if that's any consolation.

Tomorrow is Grand Cayman.  I do not want to risk alienating my readers by divulging my planned excursion.  Not that anyone respects me, but I have an image to uphold.  So I'll keep the details secret until tomorrow...

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