Thursday, December 23, 2010


MToday I visited Jamaica for the first time.  I was very pleased--it's a beautiful county.  There was a tad bit more litter than I would like to see, but nothing that a "Keep Jamaica Beautiful" campaign could not take care of.

For my excursion, I rode into the countryside and took a raft ride down the Great River.  It was good fun, drifting down a crystal clear river on a long bamboo raft, in the manner of an Egyptian pharaoh or similar.  The "captain" of my raft, Noel, was an excellent source of entertainment, not that I understood all of what he said.  The accent was a bit more broken than even depicted in the movies, but the abundance of "Yeah, Mon" and "No, Mon" scattered throughout each sentence aids in the level of comprehension.

The ride ended in a visit to a local plantation run by a bossy little Jamaican lady intent on keeping us from getting back to the port so that we would be forced buy souvenirs in her shop.  Her plot was foiled by our bus guide, who seemed to be high on something other than life.

But seriously, you know what I found the funniest thing of all today?  White ladies who try to pull off cornrows.  It just doesn't work.

Tomorrow is the last full day on the ship before arriving back in Miami.  I've had heaps of fun, but I'm missing the dogs heaps, and cannot wait to give them their Christmas treats.

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