Monday, April 4, 2011

The Windy City

Today was not too bad for a Monday.  That's awesome since I don't feel like I had a very relaxing weekend.

I feel sorry for the ladies who had to play tennis today.  We're having wind gusts of nearly 40 mph and tomorrow is supposed to be stormy.  I guess an entire week of uninterrupted sunny weather would be entirely too much to ask for.  On the bright side, at least it's not freezing.

In other news, Novak beat Rafa yesterday (boo), but South Carolina swept their weekend series against Kentucky (yay).  I think I'll go to the Cup Wednesday or Thursday evening since I'm volunteering Friday night.  It would be nice to actually enjoy some of the tennis for a change, and not just cater to the needs of the twenty-somethings.

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