Sunday, April 3, 2011

More from the Cup

My second day at the Family Circle Cup was more exhausting than the first.

I arrived early for my shift before 10 am, eager to get started.  The first half of the day seemed to be an endless amount of shuttling players between the practice courts and the main site.

A little while later, I was called to duty --- escort Bob Moran to the private airport to pick up Denmark's very own Carolina Wozniacki and her family.  As the number one player in the world and top seed, Caroline received special attention.  I was just the tag-along vehicle for luggage, but I fulfilled my duties with enthusiasm.

After dropping the great Danes off at the Charleston Place hotel, I played shuttle for the other ladies getting ready to attend the annual player party held downtown.  I've only just now recovered from the perfume and non-stop not-so-familiar sounding chatter ringing in my ears.

I managed to break away from my shift a little after 8 pm.  I don't work again until Friday, and I already miss it.  Especially since the Real Housewives of Charleston County were held at bay for most of the day.

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