Monday, April 18, 2011

Office Space

What a long day.  After finally falling asleep around 11:30 pm last night, I had the misfortune of waking up at 5:00 am.  I made it into the office by 7 am.

It was a busy day of course.  Besides making the usual rounds, catching up with friends and colleagues, I had the usual slew of conference calls.

The highlight of my day, as always in the Uptown office, was mocking the post-graduate school fratboys who make up out Finance department.  These guys are nice enough young whippershnappers.  They are full of youthful energy and are generally well-groomed, even if they do sport too-tight trousers purchased from Banana Republic.  However, their behavior reminds me of watching puppies playing.

I typically book the conference room across from their section just for the entertainment value, although it is pretty shocking that the financial success of my bank is in their hands.

Sample conversation:

Fratboy 1: Dude, did you go out last night?

Fratboy 2: Yeah dude, we stayed out until 3 and got so wasted.  We ran into T-Bone and Stan.

Fratboy 1: Dude, sweet!  You going out tonight?

Fratboy 2:  Yeah dude, call us and we can hookup for dollar drafts.

You get the picture.  As if eavesdropping on the highly intellectual conversation were not entertaining enough, I get to watch them socializing from desk to desk, furthering their bromances by tossing around a football.

Office services has sent an email asking whoever is on the 14th floor and throwing a football to cease such activity as it is wreaking havoc on the ceiling tiles.  Yet they continue.

I think I'll be a grumpy old bitch and narc them out with an anonymous email.

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