Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play Date

What a fantastic day!  Aside from a lot of driving in not-so-nice weather, I had a great time playing with Jaylee.  She was quite entertaining.  I cannot believe how much she's grown in just 4 months.

I have to give her (and my sister) snaps for being so fashion forward.  She was attired head to toe in a kitten-themed ensemble.  Her outfit even had little leopard spots, and was topped off with a hoodie with ears.  I think she's practicing being a cougar.

So in between talking (she tries so hard), feeding bottle, and practicing rolling over, my sister and I managed to grab a quick bite to eat during baby's naptime.

This action-packed day has exhausted me, but it was well worth it.  I still smell like baby.  Just to clarify---the good baby smell, not the rotten.

Now I need to rest up because tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.  Hell yeah.

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