Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Beckhams versus the Zombies

Praise Jesus!  It is finally warm here.  Tomorrow it is supposed to reach the 70's.  I'm feeling so much better and am looking forward to spending a warm and sunny weekend outside.  Walking in the park.  Strolling along the beach.  All the things I've missed this winter.

I'm glad I'm on the mend.  The Benedryl I've been taking every night has been giving me wicked dreams.  Like I need any help with that.

Last night, the zombies reappeared.  After escaping a mall parking lot full of the undead, I ended up in a historic house in downtown Charleston.  Somehow, I was in the presence of Posh Spice, fully attired in Southern belle drag.  She was telling me, in her best Southern accent, that she had just been cast in a movie that would be filming here for the next few months.

I apparently was interviewing her, and thought it would be a great idea to snap a picture with my mobile phone so that I could post it on my blog.  After following her to her kitchen, I was disappointed to see that she had changed her outfit.  She told me that she was wearing her 50's attire, and didn't want to be photographed in that.

David Beckham and their 3 sons came in soon after that and they all invited me to stay for dinner.  We were becoming fast friends.  Suddenly, there was a banging on one of the doors in the kitchen.  It was coming from the entry to the basement, and someone was trying to get out.  We all gathered around and were unpleasantly surprised when a female antebellum zombie burst through.  She had a horrible looking face with a HUGE mouth, and was carrying what looked like an elongated fireplace poker, which she promptly stabbed through the head of the housekeeper.  She should have not been standing so close.

And then I woke up.

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