Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing Race

Before I forget, congratulations to the South Carolina Gamecock baseball team, reigning national champions in case anyone forgot, for their season opening sweep of Santa Clara.  Three games down...

It was another beautiful day here in Charleston.  I broke for lunch for a quick run in the park.  I saw a black snake, which was good incentive to keep running!  I hope this weather stays warm so I can continue enjoying the physical activity.  I took another 30 minute neighborhood stroll before dinner tonight.  An promptly undid my good work by grilling out steaks.  So worth it though.

Last night's "Amazing Race" was good enough to get me hooked.  All of my old favorites - the Cowboys, Dating Goths, Globetrotters, and NFL cheerleaders - are all back to make a run for the million dollars.  Sounds like professional wrestling tag teams, eh?

The first major stop was Sydney, my old stomping grounds.  Unfortunately, unless there is a major surprise, it's not looking good for the Cowboys.

My productive Sunday made it impossible to watch the second part of the reunion show for my Atlanta housewives.  I'm tired of them anyway.

What a great Monday.

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