Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Thank God!  That furry little groundhog did not see his shadow and spring is on its way.  I am, however, very disappointed to find out that the whole thing is rigged, and that our seasonal fate is predetermined by a group of old farts.

What next, no Santa?

Ruse aside, that's very good news, as I'm becoming very alarmed with what's currently happening in the world.  Blizzards sweeping our country.  Cyclones hitting Australia.  Mayhem in Egypt.  I'm one step closer to abandoning civilization and becoming a mountain hermit.  Unfortunately I lack all of the required survival skills, so I'll definitely require further training before I can say goodbye to society.

At least I'm halfway through the week.  I just had dinner with friends and am planning a visit with Little Jay-Z this weekend.  Something to look forward to...

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