Friday, May 27, 2011

French Open

The good news---it's Friday.  The better news---it's a holiday weekend.

The bad news---it's taken surviving a really shitty work week to get here.

But first before I get sidetracked...

The French Open has been shocking so far.  Clijsters.  Wozniacki.  Stosur.  All early round casualties.

Oh, cruel clay.  I hope the second week is kinder to my favorites.

It looks like after winning their opening game, South Carolina will be bowing out of the Southeastern Conference tournament.  I'm not to fussed about it though.  They traditionally perform poorly in it, and I'd rather they save their best stuff for the NCAA tournament.  We see how that fared for them last year.

Now back to work.  Everyone is so stressed.  As we move toward our June 30th deadline, things are only getting worse.  Everyone is at each others' throats on these calls.

The douche of the day is a guy named Tim.  Tim looks like Kojak after a long battle with anorexia.  He moans into the phone, mainly because he can't shut his mouth long enough to let anyone else speak.  So he moans and makes odd clicking noises like a zombie sending off a mating call to his fellow undead.

Learn some manners Tim.  Try listening instead of constantly running your mouth and speaking over others.  Or better yet, just quit.  No one likes you anyway.  Tool.

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