Sunday, May 15, 2011


Every night is a adventure lately.  I'm not sure if it's the warmer weather, or perhaps a change in diet, but my nocturnal mental activity has definitely kicked into high gear.

I've always had bizarre dreams.  Ask anyone.  Maybe mine are no stranger or more abundant that anyone else's, but the difference is that I nearly always remember them.  It quite often makes for amusing conversation with my friends.

Last week, I experienced, once again, my most frequent recurring dream.  Back to high school.  This episode was more specific---it was the first day of my Junior year, and I was filled with the excitement and anxiety of trying to find my new classes.  The really shitty part was I was stressing over remembering the sequence of numbers needed to open my locker's combination lock.

This particular aspect of that dream has haunted me for years, and it's actually rooted in reality.  I always had trouble remembering my locker combination.  This problem was exacerbated after prolonged breaks, such as the Christmas holidays and Spring Break.

I begged my parents to purchase a simpler lock that would open with a key, but I'm sure I would have ended up just losing the key.

Last night's dream was a bit more whimsical.  I was a contestant on a show similar to "Top Chef" and I had reached the Final Round of 3 contestants.  Our challenge was to create stunning desserts by combining atypical ingredients.

My concoction was a type of pudding consisting of rice, bananas, and veal.  It must have been great, because the judges were impressed and I won.

What does any of this mean?  Are there any psychologists out there reading my blog?  And please don't tell me I have unfinished business and want to go back to high school.  No way.

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