Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I had the best evening!!!!!

After a grueling day at work, full or tortuous conference calls (eff you, Haiwen), I met Weslyn and Mark at Westbrook Brewing Co., a fairly new local brewery here in Mt. Pleasant.

They were having a fundraiser, 30 bucks and unlimited beer and pizza, all made on-site.  At least the beer.  And they even offered a tour of the brewery.  I don't remember many of the specifics regarding the tour, but I'm sure it was very informative.  I suppose that's a testament to the quality of the beer.

It was a very entertaining way to spend a few hours with friends on a Wednesday night.  I'm hoping they have happy hours there on a regular basis.

For more information, visit

In other news, South Carolina beat Auburn in the opening round of the Southeastern Conference tournament.  Go Cocks!

Whew, glad tomorrow is Thursday.  I'm going to Garden City this weekend to see family.  I'm very excited.

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