Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ok, call me a geek, but "V" was quite a shocker last night.

It was a bloodbath.  The Fifth Column's plan to bring down the evil Anna was a failure as usual.  They enlisted Anna's dumb pussy daughter, Lisa, to assassinate her.  Of course Anna caught on at the last minute and manipulated her blonde offspring.

Once they returned to the mothership, Diana, played by the fierce 80's icon and the original Diana, was addressing her former subjects.  Anna snuck up behind her and stuck her tail through Diana's midsection, killing her.  I'm so depressed over that.  I'm hoping that she had some little clones, or lizard eggs stashed away somewhere so they can bring her back.  Alien technology is supposed to be awesome.

As punishment, Anna threw Lisa in Diana's former dungeon.  Lisa's clone had finally hatched, and let me tell you, that thing looked more like a giant grasshopper than a lizard.  But once it was put into human skin, it was a stunning replica of Lisa.  Anna then made Lisa watch footage of the clone seducing Lisa's boyfriend, Tyler.  Once the deed was done, the clone actually ATE Tyler.  What a bitch.

And as if that were not enough, Marcus was killed by his own daughter.  THAT little bitch snapped his neck with HER tail.  These alien chicks and their tails possess an unfair advantage.

So I'm not sure if that was the season or series finale.  It had the feel of a finale, but I heard the show was getting axed by ABC.  Just when I'd started to really get into it.

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