Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Monday

It actually was a pretty good Monday here!!!  I was very productive at work.  I was a bit tired this morning, but the time change didn't totally ruin my day.

It was warm again.  I think the spring weather may be here to stay.  Here's hoping.

I wish I could give a decent recap of last night's "Amazing Race" but I as barely paying attention.  I do know that it was one of those dumb "You're Still Racing" pitstops, where no one gets eliminated.  Lucky for the Dating Goths, Kent and Vyxsin.

I began watching "Celebrity Apprentice" but I'm not sure it has me hooked.  I was dozing towards the end, but I believe big-lipped Lisa Rinna was eliminated.  Yes, the original Billie on "Days of Our Lives" for those of you who watch "the stories."

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