Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's Hump Day, which is always good, but I have a major case of the blahs.

The weather is a bit suspect.  Overcast and rainy.  I wore a sweatshirt again today, but it seems to be getting better.  I think we're supposed to be back in the 80's by the weekend.  Just in time for the Family Circle Cup.

Last night was the season finale of "Million Dollar Listing."  I'm going to miss that show.  It really makes me think that I should get my real estate license.  I just find all of that so fascinating.  But I know that there is more famine than feast.

Another quality episode of "Survivor" to look forward to tonight.

I shouldn't fret, the weekend is almost here.  One more call with Europe to get through tomorrow and then it will be Friday and time for my tennis volunteering to begin.  I can hardly wait.

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