Monday, June 6, 2011


Good grief.  That congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner, just admitted that it was indeed his weiner pictured on that Twitter post.  When are the public officials just going to learn to fess up when this stuff comes out.  Lying only makes it worse.  Who cares anyway?

In more serious news, I just received news that Teddy, my late grandmother's Pomeranian, passed away yesterday.  He was 14, blind, and still suffering from alopecia.  But he lived a very full life, most recently with my grandmother's former caregiver, Verneree.  Rest in peace, Teddy.

After a serious thunderstorm delay last night, South Carolina finished off Stetson today, and now advance to the Super Regional round of the NCAA tournament.  Their opponent, either Clemson or Connecticut, will be determined based on the results of this evening's game.

Other than that, the hardest day of the week is over.  19 more work days until vacation.  It's never too soon for a good countdown.

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