Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween


What a busy week.

Last Saturday, wind and rain from the effects of Hurricane Sandy made it a pretty uneventful day.  South Carolina ended up defeating Tennessee in Columbia, but the victory was overshadowed by the injury to Marcus Lattimore.  Poor guy.  Wishing him a very speedy recovery.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful here in South Carolina.  Jasper entered the pet costume contest at Towne Centre and won runner-up in his division!!!  He was so cute and very well behaved.  The competition seems to be biased towards small toy dogs, so I was very proud of the result.

It still amazes me how the events of Hurricane Sandy played out up north.  Simply devastating.  It's incredible that as far as we've come as a society, we are still so vulnerable when it comes to the wrath of Mother Nature.

Halloween was very subdued down here.  I did have one very tiny trick-or-treater.  That is a 100 percent increase over last year, but barely put a dent in my bucket of candy.  More for me to dispose of personally.

The remainder of the week was a blur of conference calls and work activities.  At least yesterday was a payday, which always seems to make it all worth it.

This morning I went to MUSC's opening of their new facility in here in Mount Pleasant.  Free flu shots!  Yay.  going to have lunch with Aaron and Ava in a few hours, then naptime on the couch.

If I don't speak to you all before then, please vote next Tuesday.  HArd to believe all the election hoopla will finally be over!!!!

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