Monday, November 5, 2012

Walking Dead Shocker

OK, so Dexter was a bit bland last night, but The Walking Dead certainly did not disappoint!!!


I don't know how things can go from normal to chaos so quickly, but I guess to should really expect that during a zombie apocalypse.

Long story short, someone opened the gate, walkers got into the prison, and all hell broke loose.  I was sad to see T-Dog bite it, or I guess I should say get bitten.  I hope Carol managed to escape.

The biggest shock of the night was with Lori.  Of course she would have to go into labor in the middle of all the chaos.  And of course the birth could not go smoothly.  So it was up to Maggie and Carl to perform an impromptu Cesarean on the mom-to-be, who sacrificed her life for the baby.  she actually didn't really have a choice.  I mean, if the baby had died inside of her, it just would have turned into a zombie and eaten its way out.

As fate would have it, it was up to young Carl to put the final bullet in his mom's head in order to prevent her zombie resurrection.  Happy Mother's Day!

I'm surprised I was able to get to sleep after all of that drama.

I really should watch some more feel-good shows.  Maybe I'll watch "Little House on the Prairie" re-runs all week.

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